Is Whole Life Insurance the Right Move for You? Maybe Not. Join the #WholeLifeRebellion

Is Whole Life Insurance the Right Move for You? Maybe Not. Join the #WholeLifeRebellion

You know that life insurance is an important part of your financial plan, especially if you want to make sure your family has the money it needs if you pass on.

However, the reality is that there are times that insurance agents try to sell you on something that isn’t right for your situation. Whole life seems to be the product pushed, and many agents try to tell you it’s an investment. I know that one of the reasons I bought a universal life policy back in the day was due to the fact that the insurance agent sold it as an investment. If I knew then what I know now, I would have just got a bigger, more affordable term life policy.

We all have different needs, and sometimes whole life is the right move. There are plenty of insurance products out there, and some of them might have what you need to reach your goals. But let’s be real: Whole life is rarely a good investment. It’s designed for something else entirely.

Don’t just get whole life because you’re told it’s the “best” product out there, or you’re given pormises of an “investment” that will benefit you in retirement. Instead, join the #WholeLifeRebellion and educate yourself about what insurance products are really right for you. (Hint: for low and middle income earners, there are probably other solutions.)

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  1. We agree completely! Whole life or universal life are normally not a good investment. It should be used for long term needs and insurance reasons only. Good luck in 2017!

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