What Does the Facebook IPO Mean for You?

My friends at Kapitall, a cool trading tool for those looking for a simple way to invest, put together this great video on the upcoming Facebook IPO. It's exciting for some people to get into IPOs, but I'm not sure that trying to get a piece of Facebook is worth the trouble. After all, in this day and age, with all the information and hype surrounding these companies, it's easy for something to be over-valued. It's not like when Apple stock when public back in the 80s. Anyway, here's what the folks at Kapitall have to say about the Facebook IPO.


What do you think about the Facebook IPO? A good deal for investors? Or too much hype?

Written by Miranda Marquit

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2 Responses to What Does the Facebook IPO Mean for You?

  1. Video was great, but investing in Facebook seems like investing in lottery tickets at the moment. Too bad I’m sure I’ll own shares though my mutual funds.

    • Yeah. I’m not getting into. I do know a few people who are doing it for short-term. Get it now, watch the price rise for a little while, then sell before the excitement ends, taking the profit and moving on.

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