Money Blogging Roundup: Valentine’s Day

So, Valentine’s Day was yesterday. But my husband and I never celebrate on V-Day. Instead, we go to dinner and dancing at Jazz Night at the Sky Club. We get to enjoy an evening of food and fun, and we support a scholarship founded in honor of my great-uncle. (Well, it’s fun for me. My husband isn’t fond of big band music or dancing, so you know he loves me.)

Romantic Heart form Love Seeds

Anyway, here are a few post from around the PF blogosphere that you are sure to love:

5 Tax Tips to Help You Get Started This Filing Season at Moolanomy: It’s nearly tax time but there’s nothing wrong with getting started a little early.

How to Budget on an Irregular Income at Money Crush: When you’re freelancing, income can come in waves, which makes it hard to budget.

8 Reasons You Should Break Up With Debt at Man vs. Debt: We’ll all like to break up with debt but there are some very specific reasons why you want to leave it behind.

Should You Save for Retirement or Invest in Your Business? at My Wife Quit Her Job: This is such a difficult issue to tackle but Steve showed the pros and cons of each in this post.

Signs You Have a Bad 401(k) Plan and What to Do About It at Free From Broke: Having a 401(k) plan with your company can be a good thing but if yours isn’t up to par, there are a few things you can do.

Top 10 Creative Ways to Earn Extra Money to Avoid Debt at Moneyed Up: A great list of creative jobs for those looking to add a little side business to their work resume.

Retirement Planning in Your 50s – Preparing for Life in Retirement at Cash Money Life: Good advice for everyone planning their retirement.

Streamlining Your Hobbies, Streamlining Your Money at The Simple Dollar: For those of us with multiple passions, you’ll enjoy this post that shows you how to make more money from your hobbies.

Written by Miranda Marquit

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