Money Blogging Roundup: How Do You Invest Your Resources?

Money Blogging Roundup: How Do You Invest Your Resources?

Investing is about more than just stocks. In fact, there are numerous ways to invest your resources and experience great returns.

Whether you invest your time into improving your finances, invest in a business, or invest in yourself, you can reap solid returns for your efforts. While you definitely want to invest in a more traditional portfolio, don’t neglect some of the other ways you can invest:

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50+ Mini-Tasks to Improve Your Finances One Step at a Time at Moolanomy: Improving your finances can be easy if you take it in small steps.

How Do You Pick a Mutual Fund for Your Portfolio? at MoneyNing: Sometimes even the best investors need a little help picking the right mutual fund.

What Is A Mutual Fund? at Financial Highway: Speaking of mutual funds, Financial Highway went back to the basics to help new investors.

My Plans for a Fun and Frugal Summer at Get Rich Slowly: It’s summer travel season but that doesn’t mean you need to blow your budget.

Why You Should Attend a Professional Conference This Year at Green Panda Tree House: As freelancers and solopreneurs, we often forget the power of networking in person.

Reader Stories: How I Built Up the Courage to Quit a Promising Career with a Six-Figure Salary at Get Rich Slowly: This article is a wonderful motivational piece for anyone who wants to work for themselves.

Can You Afford the Leap From Employee to Entrepreneur? at LKR Social Media: Another inspirational piece, filled with advice, on how to make the big decision.

How I Use “Getting Things Done” to Drive Business Growth at My Wife Quit Her Job: Freelancers really need to keep their priorities straight and attention focused to maintain a good client roster.

Written by Miranda Marquit

Miranda Marquit is a freelance writer and professional blogger, specializing in personal finance, small business, and investing topics. She writes for a number of financial web sites and blogs, and has been featured in numerous media. Read about life as a freelancer at and in her book Confessions of a Professional Blogger.

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