Money Blogging Roundup: Here Come the Holidays

Are you ready for the holiday season? Here are a few money blogging posts from around the web that are sure to bring a little holiday cheer into your budget.

Five Unusual “Investments” You Might Not Have Considered at Five Cent Nickel: As you’re reassessing your investments at the end of the year, you might be missing a few things.

When Is It Time to Give Up On Your Business? at My Wife Quit Her Job: Sometimes persistence is simply not enough and this article helps you identify the cues that it’s time to close up shop.

Stuff: How to Protect It at Get Rich Slowly: This great post goes in-depth into the different types of insurance available to you to ensure your investments are safe.

Making the Transition to Self-Employment: Some of the Dos and Don’ts at Fiscal Fizzle: Becoming your own boss can be tough but thankfully this post gives some great advice.

Get Ready for the New Flexible Spending Account Rules at Financial Highway: A look into the changes coming in 2013 when it comes to the caps on flexible spending accounts.

Earning Multiple Streams of Income at I Will Teach You to be Rich: Bringing in money from multiple streams is incredibly important as a freelancer and this article shows you how to increase your revenue streams in the new year.

Do You Make These Top Ten Money Mistakes? at Mint Life: I’m betting you make at least one of these money mistakes.

The Hidden Keys to Success: A 3-Step Process for the Solopreneur at LKR: Sometimes, success as a solopreneur comes down to whether you’re aligned with success.



Written by Miranda Marquit

Miranda Marquit is a freelance writer and professional blogger, specializing in personal finance, small business, and investing topics. She writes for a number of financial web sites and blogs, and has been featured in numerous media. Read about life as a freelancer at and in her book Confessions of a Professional Blogger.

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