Jemstep Portfolio Manager: Boost Your Retirement Savings

Want a little more direction with your retirement portfolio? Jemstep Portfolio Manager might be the tool for you.

DIY investing is rising in popularity, with many consumers interested in boosting their retirement savings with the help of an easy to manage portfolio. However, even with the easiest of investments (index funds and ETFs) it still requires some time, energy and knowledge to manage your portfolio in the best way.

Jemstep Portfolio Manager looks to remedy that problem by offering a retirement portfolio analysis. It’s possible to manage all of your accounts in one place, and to get recommendations on actions you can take to create a better portfolio overall.

Jemstep Portfolio Analysis

Jemstep offers portfolio analysis to you for free. You enter in your vital stats, including when you hope to retire, and then you connect your brokerage accounts. Jemstep can automatically pull your portfolio from the accounts that you provide, or you can manually input your portfolio holdings.

Once you have entered your information, Jemstep analyzes your portfolio, determining the changes you need to make, and showing you how much you could end up with down the road.

Jemstep Portfolio Manager

It’s not much of a surprise to me that my portfolio is a little too conservative for Jemstep’s tastes. At any rate, you can see how Jemstep takes your portfolio and encourages a little asset re-allocation. If you agree with Jemstep’s assessment, you can switch things up so that your portfolio more closely resembles the advice you are given.

Not only will Jemstep provide you with a good potential asset allocation, but you can also get recommendations on which investments you should sell or buy. Jemstep will recommend similar, but lower cost, funds to replace high-cost fund that you already have so that fees aren’t eating your returns as quickly. Additionally, you can receive action information about what to sell to bring your asset allocation more in line with Jemstep’s recommendations.

Jemstep Portfolio Recommendation

Jemstep is another one of those tools that works to take some of the confusion out of investing and retirement planning. It is for those who want to be more hands-on, as opposed to a tool like Betterment, which actually does the investing for you, and pretty much takes it out of your hands.

How Much Does Jemstep Portfolio Manager Cost?

Jemstep features a free version, as well as a premium version. You can receive a portfolio analysis, and a few action suggestions, for free. Below is a chart that compares what you get with the Basic and Premium accounts:

Jemstep Accounts

As you can see, with the premium pricing, you receive continuous portfolio analysis and regular rebalancing information. However, once you get into the premium range, you begin paying. Below is Jemstep’s pricing structure:

Jemstep Portfolio Manager Pricing

For those just getting started with a portfolio, Jemstep can be a really great deal. You can see, step-by-step, how to build the right portfolio for your needs. However, as your assets grow, so does your monthly payment. And you need to initiate trades from your dashboard. However, the guidance Jemstep Portfolio Manager offers could be valuable. I can already see how I can change things up to make my portfolio a little more efficient.

This is in contrast with Betterment, which is a more set it and forget it experience. I’ve been happy with Betterment for my Roth IRA, though. And I noticed that it’s not the Betterment investments (manually entered because Betterment isn’t a linked account option) that have been recommended for selling, but the stuff in the 403(b) portfolio I manually entered.

At the very least, Jemstep Portfolio Manager is definitely worth checking out. Get your portfolio analyzed, and see where you can improve.

Written by Miranda Marquit

Miranda Marquit is a freelance writer and professional blogger, specializing in personal finance, small business, and investing topics. She writes for a number of financial web sites and blogs, and has been featured in numerous media. Read about life as a freelancer at and in her book Confessions of a Professional Blogger.

5 Responses to Jemstep Portfolio Manager: Boost Your Retirement Savings

  1. It’s free to sign up so I might as well take a look at this Jemstep.. I’m always looking for a tool to help me with my retirement savings.

  2. Thanks for the post looks like an interesting site. Looks like the funds in your portfolio are ranked, are they generic ranking like morningstar or personal rankings? Do you know if Jemstep takes into account tax considerations (capital gains and asset location). What I don’t like about some sites is that they expect you to sell all your holdings to switch to their portfolio which doesn’t makes sense for many reasons (I picked the funds like like) especially from a tax perspective.

    • Thanks for this great, insightful question. I put it to the Jemstep folks, and this is what I got back:

      The recommendations generated use Jemstep’s patented investment
      evaluation engine, which assesses the investments based on real-time
      objective market data and taking into account more than 50 attributes
      of each fund, such as fees, returns during bull and bear markets,
      volatility, etc. Jemstep’s technology considers the tax status of your
      accounts, potential capital gains, and transaction fees and other
      costs in determining the optimal buys and sells.

      It appears that everything is taken into consideration, and the recommendations are truly personal.

  3. So if my portfolio was between $25k and $150k, it would cost me the price of 2 large pizzas a month to manage it for me 😉 thats a lot less than the fees I am used to paying. will be interesting to see their recommendations….

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