Earning a Business Advantage Online

Earning a Business Advantage Online

One of the possibilities I’ve toyed with is going back to school and earning my MBA. While I have a Master’s degree, it’s in Journalism. Sometimes I think that it might help my home business prospects and increase my credibility if I had specialized training in business. I might see a business advantage from further schooling and qualifications.

However, finding the time to attend school is a bit problematic. Luckily, there are online programs designed to provide business degrees. I’ve been considering taking these classes from an accredited university with an online program, as well as attending the local university.

Business Degree

In a certain respect, earning a degree through taking online business classes is like receiving specialized training in how to acquire, retain, and excel at a new career. As this article points out there are any number of advantages to studying business, including

  • a solid skill set
  • job prospects
  • good pay and job security
  • networks

While the focus of degrees in the humanities or the sciences might give a student a solid grounding in a given academic discipline, increasing their knowledge base and contributing to their personal development, there is often little assurance of such an education resulting in good career prospects. Business students (and others studying at vocational schools), on the other hand, are equipped with the tools to succeed in a workplace environment.

The curriculum that a business student must master is focused on the various components of the corporate world and its unique set of standards. Some business school graduates even have the opportunity to pursue passions outside the confines of the traditional corporate or business environment. Skills in the fields of marketing or public relations are in demand with a with variety or organizations. Music venues, sports franchises, entertainment companies – these all need people who have practical business related skills to help them function and thrive. A student grounded in basic business skills can put their know-how to use in any manor of creative and fulfilling ways.

Studying business also means that a student is positioning him or herself, not simply to be able to embark on a career, but to find a career that offers an above average earning potential. The practical skills that come with understanding how a business operates can often translate into an ability to discern how money is most efficiently made and how individual capital can be maximized to its most profitable extent. While others might struggle to find ways to make a living by following their passions, interests, or abilities, business students begin their search for a career with the advantage of practical skills that are designed to maximize profits.

When these advantages of an education in business are combined with the streamlined convenience of online classes, a student’s investment is maximized to an even greater extent. A certification, associate degree, or undergraduate degree in business earned online has these advantages:

  • you can participate in class from your own home
  • you can interact with instructor and peers through chat and email
  • costs are cut significantly when compared with traditional four year universities

Of course, earning a degree online does present students with unique challenges. The lack of face to face interaction with an instructor means that certain aspects of the learning process are missed out on to some extent. These include picking up on an instructor’s inflection, body language, or the free flow of conversation and questioning that come with getting into the same room with other people.

While these challenges are not unsubstantial, online learning does provide the opportunity of an education to a much wider population than would otherwise be possible. For a student who is committed to acquiring the skills that a business education can offer, but who needs the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of an online educational experience, such obstacles need not present a complete roadblock.

Ultimately, each individual student must assess their own educational needs, capacities, and resources in order to determine the program that will give them the best opportunity of realizing their goals.

Written by Miranda Marquit

Miranda Marquit is a freelance writer and professional blogger, specializing in personal finance, small business, and investing topics. She writes for a number of financial web sites and blogs, and has been featured in numerous media. Read about life as a freelancer at MirandaMarquit.com and in her book Confessions of a Professional Blogger.

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  1. My best friend’s husband was taking up a business online course. And now he is a successful businessman, buying some investments and managing their hectares of farm.

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