Are You Ready for a Creative Breakthrough? Bryan Mattimore and Idea Stormers

Boost creativity in your home business with the idea storming technique from Bryan Mattimore.

Do you struggle with ideas? Many of us wish that we could find more creative solutions to the problems besetting our home businesses. I often look for ways to improve my home business in a way that makes sense for me. But, perhaps, my problem has more to do with my approach.

Bryan Mattimore has a proven track record of helping companies and individuals achieve creative breakthroughs, and he describes some of his techniques in his new book Idea Stormers: How to Lead and Inspire Creative Breakthroughs. I spoke with him a little bit about this book, and how it can help home business owners improve their ideation.

Go Beyond Brainstorming

“Brainstorming is a specific technique,” Mattimore told me, “and it is no longer adequate. Instead, we need to move toward ideation.”

Ideation is the creation of specific, actionable, creative ideas. One of the great things about Idea Stormers is that it isn’t just about describing techniques and sending you out on your own. “This book has real-world applications, including information on which techniques work for which kinds of challenges,” Mattimore said.

And, after reading the book, I tend to agree. Mattimore describes challenges, and then shows how his idea storming techniques work in the real world of business. The book also provides tips and tricks for tweaking idea storming methods so that they can be customized to different situations and unique challenges.

“There is unlimited creative potential out there, and it’s not being leveraged,” Mattimore pointed out. “We need to get facilitating leaders out there to create an environment that allows people to be creative.”

What about Home Business Owners and Solopreneurs?

While Idea Stormers is aimed mainly toward business leaders in companies, it’s possible to adapt many of the techniques offered by Mattimore to a home business setting. “You can jump start your own ideas,” Mattimore said. “There are ways to encourage your own ideation, even as a solopreneur.”

One of his suggestions is to use a whiteboard: “Whatever you are looking for ideas on, put the idea on the whiteboard. I suggest you keep the whiteboard up for about seven days. Each day, add whatever you want to the whiteboard. It’s a nonlinear brain dump. It’s messy, but as you throw up thoughts on the whiteboard, you’ll begin to see emerging patterns.”

Mattimore said that the technique works well for writing an elevator pitch, developing a product, or an article. “It’s a powerful technique, and you can leverage it. Your brain is a tool, and it’s working to help you find these new connections.”

Many of the idea storming techniques in Idea Stormers can work well for home business owners as they attempt to improve, and earn more money. However, Mattimore’s final piece of advice is a little counter-intuitive: “Paul McCartney said to give up when you have a hard creative challenge. Don’t press it too hard. If you’ve defined a problem in a certain way, it can be an impossible situation. Don’t build these mental boxes. Re-define the problem so that you can better solve it.”

Written by Miranda Marquit

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    • I didn’t come up with it. Bryan kept saying it our interview, so it was sort of ingrained into my psyche. Which is a good thing. I think it is a good description.

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