Review: The 7 Steps to Financial Freedom

Review: The 7 Steps to Financial Freedom

Want a practical guide to financial freedom? Anton Ivanov shares his insight in a free ebook, The 7 Steps to Financial Freedom.

Many of us want to reach financial freedom. However, the process, while simple on the surface, isn’t always easy. One of my online friends, Anton Ivanov, is offering a free ebook called “The 7 Steps to Financial Freedom.” I thought it would be interesting to take a look, and then share it with you.

Anton is the a real estate investor and the blogger behind Dreams Cash True.

Practical, Actionable Plan to Reach Financial Freedom

7-steps-to-financial-freedom-cover2The thing I like most about this free ebook is that it lays it out for you, providing you with actions you can take right now to set your feet on the path to financial freedom. Anton understands the things you need to do in order to succeed, and provides  you with a roadmap that makes sense. His no-nonsense and straightforward approach presents a plan that nearly anyone can follow.

Anton starts out with the first step, which is making the commitment to be financially free. And he’s not just talking about you thinking, “It would be nice to be financially free and retire rich.” No, Anton expects you to fully commit — and to work for it. He offers some tips for setting goals, and provides parameters for setting good goals that are likely to provide you with direction, as well as an end point.

He goes on to outline tried and true concepts like spending less than you earn and avoiding (or paying down) debt. It’s true that you’ve heard that advice before. But it’s also true that so few people actually apply those concepts in their lives that we still have problems as a society with debt and living paycheck to paycheck. It’s worth going over the financial basics again, especially since Anton adds some action items that you can do to make these simple concepts a little easier to implement.

Things get interesting later on. After covering the basics, Anton provides some tips for protecting yourself and your wealth (you need appropriate insurance), and suggests that you buy assets, not toys. It might be fun to have toys, but they really aren’t doing much for you. He also devotes time to showing you how you can maximize your income and grow your investments.

These are important parts of building future wealth, and I like that Anton takes this approach, rather than just telling you to get rid of debt, build an emergency fund, and pinch your pennies. While these are fundamental concepts related to successful money management, they aren’t going to help you grow your wealth over time. If you want true financial freedom — financial freedom that doesn’t rely on a day job that you could be fired from at any time — you need to acquire assets, maximize your income, and grow your investments. “The 7 Steps to Financial Freedom” helps you do just that.

If you want to check it out, you can get a free copy by signing up for Anton’s newsletter.

Written by Miranda Marquit

Miranda Marquit is a freelance writer and professional blogger, specializing in personal finance, small business, and investing topics. She writes for a number of financial web sites and blogs, and has been featured in numerous media. Read about life as a freelancer at and in her book Confessions of a Professional Blogger.

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful review, Miranda! I really appreciate it :)

  2. I’ve just got my copy of Anton’s 7 Steps to financial Freedom and I’m looking forward to reading it. It’s great to see someone succeed in life and hopefully I can follow in Anton’s footsteps and get very close to becoming a millionaire. Great review, thanks for sharing.

  3. How you live everyday will determine of you will become financially free. The behaviors you choose are the driving force to helping anybody reach a new level of independence.

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