4 Responses to My Last Minute Tax Break: HSA Contribution

  1. Loved reading this post. After reading many articles on HSA’s, it is quickly becoming my favorite account of all time. Tax free contributions, tax free earnings, and tax free distributions. And you don’t even HAVE to use it for health care expenses. As long as you can cover the eligible health care expense out of pocket and keep your receipts, you can transfer that money when you really need it for some reason, or just leave it in the account to grow.

    • I’m a huge fan of the HSA. We leave the money in the account as well, letting it build up. It’s a nice backup emergency fund. And it’s great for retirement in the future. I’m hoping that my HSA will be able to provide me with funds for health care during retirement.

    • That’s tough when you have to amend your tax return. But great that you found another way to reduce your liability.

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