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This is a guest post from Brian at Brain Track. If you want to gain some personal finance insight, free opencourseware can be a real help. You get step-by-step information offering you valuable money management skills.

Would you like to learn some tips on budgeting by taking college level courses for free? Well believe it or not, you can do that via the Internet. The available free courses out there cover an array of topics at both beginning and advanced levels. If you’re not sure what to do with your money, these courses can help you figure it out. As an added bonus, they provide a great alternative for those who want to learn at their convenience. Let’s take a look at a few of these courses:

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Fundamentals of Personal Finance Planning at University of California, Irvine

This program is provided through OpenCourseWare and includes the following modules:

  • Your Financial Goals
  • Figuring Out Where You Are
  • Taxation
  • Defense – Keeping Things From Interrupting Your Goals
  • Investing
  • Funding Retirement
  • Funding Education
  • Estate Planning

Family Finance from Utah State University

Through OpenCourseWare students can learn how to do the following:

  • Identify personal/family values and establish appropriate financial objectives
  • Create financial plans which reflect their values and goals
  • Begin to implement plans to meet their short-term and long-term financial goals
  • Evaluate options for providing financial security throughout their lives

Money 101 at CNN Money

CNN Money offers a handy guide about money basics called Money 101. Here is a small sample of the 23 lessons provided:

  • Setting priorities
  • Basics of banking and saving
  • Basics of investing
  • Investing in stocks
  • Investing in mutual funds
  • Investing in bonds
  • Planning for retirement
  • Asset allocation

Investing in Your Future at Rutgers

This useful home study course is offered through the Cooperative Extension system. Designed for beginning investors with small amounts of money to invest at any one time, the course covers topics such as setting goals, diversification, dollar cost-averaging, asset allocation, stocks, bonds, tax-advantage investments, and other topics.

Planning for a Secure Retirement at Purdue

Offered through Purdue Extension, this program consists of a great collection of modules that can help you plan your retirement. Each module includes specific objectives, activities to complete, and sources of additional information.

So as you can see, you have the opportunity to take free college level courses to learn more about the core concepts of personal finance or to just pick up a few tips on budgeting. Besides, your friends will be impressed when you tell them that you’re taking courses at Purdue AND at Rutgers!

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