Egypt’s Struggling Economy is a Start-up Opportunity – And Here are 10 Good Reasons Why!

We all love ’em, you know those throwaway “5 good reasons to…” do anything web pages. They’re everywhere. And in almost less than the time it takes to click the mouse, or so it seems, you’re diving into the page no matter the subject. An automatic response. A reflex action. Been there, done that, right? But if there’s anything better than “5 good reasons to…” do anything then it has to be “10 good reasons to…”. You get the picture.

Yeah, “10 good reasons Egypt’s struggling economy is a start-up opportunity” has just got to be a better title. It’s got a certain ring to it. You just want to know what these reasons are. But you could have easily substituted the US for Egypt, or even the UK. Doesn’t really matter too much because most economies are struggling right now. In other words, just about everywhere is a start-up opportunity!

Reason 1: You’ve lost your job. So create your own one. Simple. No more 9-5 grind. Start the day when you want to. Finish when you want to. If you need a long-weekend break then you can take one, whenever. No need to seek the boss’s permission either. You’re the boss!

Reason 2: Lots of small business owners struggle in a recession. Many of them simply want to get out because they’ve had enough. So jump in with a cut-price offer. Take the business – and the worries – off of their hands. Then run the business more efficiently. Cut costs to the bone and the profits will surely come.

Reason 3: Setting up a business has never been easier in terms of cheap office space, equipment and the like. Check around and you’re sure to find some great deals.

Reason 4: Finance is hard to obtain in the good times. Banks and other financial institutions are spoilt for choice. Not so when the economic climate gets tougher. As a consequence, there are usually lots of value-added business banking offers around as banks compete with each other for clients in an ever-shrinking marketplace.

Reason 5: Fewer jobs mean more people competing for them. And this translates into lower wages and salaries. Now you can afford take on the best of the best employees with the levels of knowledge and skills to turn your business into a roaring success. Take advantage of this employers’ marketplace!

Reason 6: Everyone is in the same boat. If you are looking to start a business then so are others. That means more opportunities to strike up beneficial arrangements or even partnerships. So get networking.

Reason 7: Lots of local government agencies abound in tough times in a bid to stimulate economic growth. Talk to them. See what’s on offer in the way of grants. They’ll be falling over themselves to help out.

Reason 8: When family and friends see you making a success of things, some of them may even want to invest a little of their own savings into your venture. Keep them in mind should you need a little bit of friendly finance in order to expand in the future.

Reason 9: It’s never been easier to get the message out. Set up a website. Sign up with Facebook and Twitter. It’s all cheap advertising and instantly puts you in touch with potential customers.

Reason 10: We all dream of starting a business at some point, don’t we? But few of us ever do. Don’t spend the rest of your life regretting what might have been. Surely that’s the very best reason of all for starting up your own business!

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